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I put my life on paper because it’s pleasurable

I’m trying to write my wrongs, I hope it’s legible

I swear my creativity organic like a vegetable

but no need to lecture u

I’m chilling in my vestibule with a special view

I’m trying to piece my life together with extra glue

I’m all charged up like a mustang, shout out to SMU

see I say things a little awkward just to mess with u

I’ve loosened up like there’s nothing else left to screw

I did everything right so there’s nothing else left to do

my worst nightmares, yeah I met a few

did some messed up things, I had to step down from the pedestal

I had a bad temper, I used to let the kettle stew

but I’m back now protected from those dark clouds like I’m weather proof

I’m done with the lies so now I’m…

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Hedgehog's Quill

It is important to set your creative writing aside from time to time.

All work and no play, makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl).

In other words, stop and smell the roses.

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Today’s Assignment: Do something fun. You may want to check out Paul Cranford’s fiddle sheet music archive or watch Natalie and Buddy Mac Master perform.



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Get the CD here:


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